Apart from a booking engine, Vacation Labs gives you fully customisable pages to beautifully showcase your tours.  Your storefront is where customers can view your trips, rates, & availability. They can inquire for more details or directly book online. In short, it’s your travel e-commerce store.

It’s the simplest and fastest way to get started!

Here are some FAQs on storefront.

How does it work?

As soon as you create a trip in the system, it gets added to your storefront. To view your storefront, go to Integration and click on “View your storefront”.



How does the storefront look?

You can customise your storefront completely with your own branding (logo, banner & background image). You can even add custom headers & footers (click here to see how).

The storefront essentially consists of 2 types of pages:

  1.  A listing page which will show a list of all your trips.
  2. A trip detail page, which contains all your trip content – overview, highlights, itinerary, photos and more.


How do I use my storefront?

Storefront is your online travel store and the simplest way to get up & running online. You can use it in a number of ways:

  •  Directly as your website. This is the fastest way to build a stunning travel website with a fully integrated content management system (CMS).
  •  As your product (tours) page with a link on your home page.
  •  Share the URL Facebook & Twitter to increase engagement and attract people to your “store”.
  •  Add the URL to your email signature.

Note: If you are planning to use the storefront extensively, it is highly recommended that you upload the full content for your trips – highlights, overview, itinerary, inclusions & exclusions and some high quality photos. The next article will take you through the content upload process.

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