The next step is to integrate your payment processor so that you can start accepting online payments for your trips.

  • You have multiple options of choosing payment processors with us. You can collect the payment through Vacation Labs payment gateway. You can receive payment from CitrusPay and Paypal via vacation labs. We keep adding more gateways as we go along.
  • You can also collect payment through a payment gateway in your name. In that case you can select the gateway from the dropdown and fill in the details for quick integration. If the gateway you are looking for, doesn’t feature in the dropdown, you can get in touch with us and we will do the needful for your smooth integration.
  • We are presently supporting CitrusPay, PayU, EBS and HDFC for Indian accounts & Paypal for foreign credit cards


Here is how you can integrate your payment processor. Taking an example of integrating with PayU payment gateway for your own account which you can select from the drop down shown above.



  • You can customize the wording which shall be displayed while collecting the booking.
  • You need to fill in your MID and Salt details which are  required for the Gateway integration.
  • You can select the currencies which you wish to accept.

Once you click Save with these details, your integration is complete and you can start accepting payments.

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