Option 1 : Add a “Book now” Button

The integration link in the header takes you to the Integration page. Integration page helps you with widgets to connect your website to the booking engine in a seamless flow. You select the type of button that you require. The system generates the required code which you can embed on your website and the integration is done.


  • ·         Book now button

Book now button on your website is the best way to entice your customer to take the decision and complete the booking. You can link this button either to the details page or to the booking form.


Once you click on ‘get this’ you will be directed to a page where you can customize the ‘book now’ button


Once you have selected the button details you can click on preview and the code appears on the right with the look of the button. If you are satisfied with the code, you can go ahead and embed this code in your website.

Your website is now linked to the booking engine and you are ready to direct your customers to book online.

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