Vacation Labs allows you to manage all your bookings (online and offline) from one place.


  • The bookings tab on the Header takes you to the list of bookings that you have received. The bookings have a unique booking ID and time-stamp associated with them. These details help with cross checking the payments and any other accounting activity.
  • The booking details column includes trip name, duration, date and payments. Similarly, you have name, email address and phone number as contact details for the customer.
  • The booking status is reflected in the next column. This helps you in following up if a booking is pending confirmation or has been left incomplete for any other reason.
  • You can go into more details of a booking by clicking the blue button on the right which says ‘details’. This takes you to the page of details for that particular booking.


  • The booking details page has a breakup of the costs and detailed information of the transaction for the payment. You can edit dates, pricing and payment information on this page.


  • You can accept an offline payment or request for an online payment by sending a link to the customer. For doing this, you will need to expand the payment link and choose the request online payment option and specify the amount.

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