While creating a tour you fill up the content for the tour under basic details.



Basic Details

  • You need to decide whether a tour is a shared trip or a private trip. Shared trip is for someone who is willing to share the trip with other participants. Private trip is exclusively for some person or group who does not wish to share their trip with other participants.
  • Give a name to your trip. Keep it relevant and informational. Eg Bicycle tour of Borivali national park or White Water Rafting trip
  • Set up a unique trip code to identify your trip. Eg BTBNP or WWRaf. This unique trip code helps in inventory management.
  • Set the duration of the trip.  Duration is the time between beginning and end of the advertised trip.
  • Set minimum and maximum number of users that can enrol for a tour. This option helps in planning tours which may not be confirmed as well as closing bookings if there is a possibility of overbooking.
  • Overview section gives an outline of your tour/trip/activity. This is the information that will be displayed on the storefront regarding your trip.

basic-details 2

  • Inclusions are the facilities that are included as part of the package the customer is buying. Eg. Breakfast can be included as a part of a nature trek. This is an optional field which you can activate by clicking the check box.
  • Exclusions are the facilities that are not included in the package. These will either be bought extra or won’t be available at all. Giving out this information is a good way to maintain the right expectations. This is an optional field which you can activate by clicking the check box.
  • Highlights can include a list of items that your tour/trip/activity will cover. Highlights will help this trip stand out from other trips. You can include the salient features of this trip in this section. This is an optional field which you can activate by clicking the check box.
  • Photos section helps you add photos related to your tour/trip/activity. This helps in creating a visually attractive booking page and the right photos can set the correct expectations for the customers.
  • Trip specific terms and conditions is an option to specify custom terms and condition that your customer should agree on before proceeding with a booking. Else, you can also add a default link to a URL which hosts your terms and conditions.

You can also edit these details by selecting the particular trip under products and clicking on edit. You can select Basic details in the left side bar and edit these details.

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