How does Vacation labs online booking system work?

Vacation Labs provides tour/activity operators with an online booking system which works as a storefront. The storefront is integrated with a payment Gateway. Customers can visit the storefront and book trips from here.

The online booking system equips the operators with a back office platform that allows them following feature

  • Create tours with greats features driven towards customization,
  • Manage their online as well as offline bookings
  • Automated inventory management,
  • Limited access agent logins,
  • Mobile app to  manage the system
  • Integration with 3rd party apps to streamline marketing and accounting processes.

What is a storefront? How does a storefront help my business?

A storefront in a brick and mortar businesses refers to the side of the store which is visible from the street and the place from where people access a store. A store is meant to make a sale.

On similar lines, an online storefront is the customer facing entity of your online store. This is the point from where a customer can purchase your product or service.

You can complete the sale of your trip from the online storefront. The amount is transferred and the booking is confirmed. There is no ambiguity or uncertainty associated with this process. Thus an online storefront helps you better market your services and streamline your operations by bringing better certainty into your processes.

What is an online booking system for tour/ activity operators?

An online booking system helps tour operators with a storefront on the customer end and avails them with various features to manage the bookings from the back end.

An ideal online booking system for tour operators would include the following features

  • Booking form and payment gateway integration
  • Content Management System
  • Back-office and booking calendar suited for tour operations
  • Page customization for tour operator
  • Agent login with limited access

What is automated inventory management? How does inventory management work for tour operators?

Automated inventory management involves the process of sharing inventory across various channels. This allows the operator to display his total inventory on all channels and the inventory system updates it in real time* so that there is no overbooking.

Tour operators can thus take online direct bookings through the online booking system of Vacation Labs while also selling their tours across various Online Travel Agents (OTAs)  with full inventory displayed across all channels. When a tour is sold from any channel the inventory is updated across all channels in real time*.

*-There is a system lag in this process but for all practical purposes this process is real time.

How will a mobile app help my tour business?

We know that being a tour operator is not an easy thing. You are always on the go and it takes a toll on your ability to manage the productivity stuff. This is where we come in. We have made your complete back office accessible from a mobile app. You don’t have to worry about accessing the laptop and looking for an internet connection. Just some mobile data and you are current with all your tour business details and operations.

How can you automate accounting/ marketing and other back office features by using our third party integration?

You have a lot of valuable data generated from your booking system operations. This data can be utilized to automate your accounting and marketing efforts.

We have integrated our system with Quickbooks which is one of the leading accounting software in the world.

Similarly we are also integrated with MailChimp which is the leading email marketing system in the world.

Thus you can export the data generated in your Vacation Labs booking system and make multiple productivity uses for it.


What is a payment processor/ gateway? Do I need one? What are the charges involved?

Payment processor is the system that is required to accept electronic payments (by credit card, debit card or net banking). Payment gateway is the system required to transmit data to accept online payments. Typically a payment gateway comes with an associated processor, hence for all practical purposes we will refer to only a Payment Gateway here.

You can link the Vacation Labs storefront to a payment gateway to accept payments. If you use a payment gateway in your name the payment processing cycle will be daily. The money will be deposited directly in your account. You should use this option if you confident of your online business. You can know more about how to open an account with a payment gateway  by clicking here.

You have another option of linking the storefront to the payment gateway in the name of Vacation Labs. The money will be deposited in the account of vacation labs and there will be a monthly settlement of the amount. You can take this option if you are new to online sales and want to try it before taking a complete plunge.How does the payment gateway integration process work?

We are presently supporting integration with

  • Citrus Pay for Indian accounts
  • Paypal for Foreign cards
  • Paypal Standard
  • PayU
  • EBS
  • HDFC
  • Stripe for US and European customers

If you already own an account with a gateway which is not in this list, we would request you to contact our support team directly.

Typical fees associated with payment processing are in the range of 2.5-3.5% of the transaction. The fees vary for the mode of payment and the specific plan that you have selected with the payment gateway company.

What kind of businesses does Vacation labs software support?

Vacation Labs online booking system has options of building a store for

  1. Short tours : Typically last for a few hours. Eg. A day hike
  2. Long tours: Typically lasting multiple days. Eg. An African Safari
  3. Certification/classes: A single tour which can occupy recurring time slots Eg. Karate level 1 certification held every Friday 4pm-5pm for one month
  4. Custom tours: You can an option to define how the tour operates.

In a nutshell, Vacation Labs has tried to customize the software for all kinds of tours, whatever the category may be. Advanced Options to edit nomenclature and customize communications help in giving the software a complete custom feel.

What are the advantages of using Vacation labs?

Vacation Labs is one of the few companies in the world and the only one in India with a dedicated software for tour operators/ activity providers. We pride ourselves with the efforts we have taken to analyze the minute requirements of different kinds of tours and customized our solution to suffice all of them.

You can click here to know more about the Features that we are offering.

How does Vacation Lab’s pricing/ billing work? What is a suitable pricing plan for me?

Vacation Labs has multiple plans to offer its customers. You can find the details of the plans here.

You should ask yourself these questions before selecting the plan

  • What is the volume of booking I expect to get online each month ?
  • What will be the approximate value of these bookings?
  • What are the features I require to run my storefront in an optimum manner?

Once you answer these questions, the pricing page will guide you clearly as to what plan you need.


What about privacy and data security? How can I trust Vacation Labs?

At Vacation Labs, we greatly value our customer’s privacy and data security.

  • We do not share, disclose, sell, or rent your personal/customer information to other companies for the marketing of their own products or services.
  • We do not use the Personal Information we collect from you or your customers to contact or market to your customers or directly compete with you.
  • We follow industry standards on data security and do our best to keep your sensitive data safe and secure
  • Your information may remain in our archives if you terminate your relationship with us but we will not use it for any commercial purposes.