To create, edit, or update the Menu or Navifgation of your website follow these steps:

Step 1: Login to

Step 2: Click on the Website Tab


Step 3:  Now click on Pages. Then click on the Homepage from the slide out menu.


Step 4:  Now Click on Website navigation

Step 5:  Here you will see the existing menu structure. Scroll to the bottom, you will see two options – Select existing link or type custom link and Link title.

Step 6:  In the Select existing link or type custom link field select the Tour/Collection/Static page that you have already created. You don’t need to manually copy the page link that you have created and paste it here; all the existing pages of your website are available in the drop down. If you want to add a third party link, for example a blog on “top 10 things to do in Goa”, you can do that by copying the link of that page and pasting it here.

Note:  Only the pages (Tour/Collection/Static/Coupons) that have been created by you  will appear in the drop down. You can also type in the name of the page search in the list.

Step 7:  Then in the Link title section give a short name for that page, so that it looks good on the menu of your webpage (longer names will get truncated and will not be fully visible/readable).

Note: If you want to create a non-clickable menu (for example, a blank menu with a drop down) give a short name in the link title field and do not link it to any page in the Select existing link or type custom link field .

Step 8:   If you want your page to open in a new window, Tick the Open in new window field. Now click on Add Link button.

Step 6:  Now your link will appear in the bottom most part. Click on the 6 dots next to that and drag to re-arrange. Once you have placed the link in the correct position, click on the left-right triangle next to the link to create indentation. Then delete the old link which was already placed by me (can be deleted by clicking on the trash can icon next to that link).


Step 7:  Once you create a link you cannot modify the same, rather you will need to follow the above steps to create the menu link again in case you get it wrong the first time. Thus once you are done with placement, do not forget to click Save, for the changes to take effect. Also you are advised to precede one link at a time, saving after each link placement and simultaneously verifying on the site for its working.

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