Configure your account Settings

The Settings page has multiple categories on the left navigation bar.

Settings Support


  • The Settings page lets you edit the Support details that you provided while registering for vacation labs. These details include company name, website, support email, notification email, support phone, booking website, booking terms URL and mailing address.


  • The branding tab gives you good control over your storefront customization. You can upload/change your logo, background image, booking website banner and favicon through the settings.


  • You have multiple options of choosing payment processors with us. You can collect the payment through Vacation Labs payment gateway. You can receive payment from CitrusPay and Paypal via vacation labs. We keep adding more gateways as we go along.
  • You can also collect payment through a payment gateway in your name. In that case you can select the gateway from the dropdown and fill in the details for quick integration. If the gateway you are looking for, doesn’t feature in the dropdown, you can get in touch with us and we will do the needful for your smooth integration.
  • We are presently supporting CitrusPay, PayU, EBS and HDFC for Indian accounts & Paypal for foreign credit cards
  • We have simplified the payment gateway integration process and you can call our support if you are stuck anywhere on the way.


  • You can set custom tax rates in the taxes and fees page. You need to mention your Service tax/ VAT or relevant registration number along with the taxes so that the invoice generated follows guidelines. You can set the dates on which the tax is applicable as well as the tax percentage and the products it is applicable for.

trip custom form

  • Trip custom form allows you to create a custom form to collect information from customers. The form can be used to collect customer information for your database or relevant information that you need for proper operation of the trip.


  • Advanced branding helps you take complete control of how various pages, form, and buttons look for your account.
  • Advanced  branding helps you customize the emails that we are sending customers on your behalf.

advanced branding 2

  • You can change the default sequence of the way the trips will be ordered in your storefront.
  • You can set a post confirmation redirect URL on your own site and specify a delay for this to happen.

advanced settings

  • Advanced settings lets you change your timezone and currency settings


  • The localization option allows you to customize all the wording that is directed towards the user. This would include your common labels (how you refer to trips, departures etc), storefront and booking flows (booking form error msg.s, labels etc), date, time, numbers and currency formats.

user permissions

  • The users and permissions tab lets you add/remove users and change permissions/roles. The actions tab allows you to view activity logs, change password, edit roles, view API key and disable user.

third party app

  • The Apps tab allows you to export data and use third party apps as a part of your bookings system. We have presently integrated with Mailchimp which is the most efficient way to manage your email marketing.

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