Open dates/open for booking and Closed dates/closed for bookings are the 2 terminologies that are used in the Vacation Labs booking system in relation to dates available for booking or not.

A date open for booking implies that the date is available for booking and the customer coming to your website will be able to book a tour on that particular date. A date closed for booking is the complete opposite of open dates and means that a person coming to your website to book a tour on a closed date, will not be able to do so.

So when will you need to close a particular date or a range of dates for booking?

One example of this would be, when your organisation is on a holiday/leave. Another example can be that your organisation is short on resources like tour guides etc. for some dates.

The reasons can be many, so lets go ahead and learn how to close dates for booking.

Go to products and select the trip you want to edit


Click on edit on the calendar overview. You will be directed to the calendar view.

calendar-editOnce your timeslots are defined, you can further click on any particular date and make changes specific to that date. The advantage of doing this is that you can factor in weekend traffic or holidays without going through the process of creating another variant.

You can click on a date and a pop up will appear which will have the option of closing time slots. The dropdown gives you an option of closing time slots for multiple days.

close time slot

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